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Pacific Life Teen Program

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We are located on a beachfront property that overlooks the Pacific Ocean which sets the stage for an ideal therapeutic ambiance allowing your teen to take advantage of the ocean’s healing properties.


Building 1 is The Beach House. It contains the kitchen and dining facility, lounge/game room, group therapy room, director's office, infirmary, and school/computer lab.


Building 2 is called Pacific Hall. It houses administrative and counseling offices, a spacious lobby/greeting area, auditorium, indoor recreation area, and 12 bedrooms and bathrooms in separate male and female wings.


The 1 1/2 acres of landscaped grounds are enclosed and secure, and contain out buildings for security equipment, and guest housing; horse corral, playing field, basketball court, volleyball pit, patio areas, and our welcoming "fountain hill" round out the facility.

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Student Testimonial

A Day In PLP

It’s a Tuesday morning at Pacific Life Program and Brooke wakes up at 7:50 am. She makes her bed and gets ready for her day; she puts on her sports gear and heads out to breakfast. Brooke has a Denver Omelet, with two pieces of toast and a glass of milk...

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