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Therapeutic Approach At PLP

We know that people's behaviors are influenced by their attitudes and motivation, which are formed by their views of themselves and the world. When these beliefs are unhealthy due to damage, trauma, or distortion, we have a problem. This is especially acute in teenagers, who have neither the adult capacity for good judgement, nor the life experiences to inform their character. Once we understand your teen's problems, we begin our work with individual and group counseling.


Each student is assigned to one of our staff psychologists, who will provide individual therapy. These twice-weekly sessions are opportunities for doctor and student to assess past ineffective coping skills, beliefs, and behaviors. By reviewing family history and social environment, we can identify key events and relevant circumstances that eventually led to their destructive behavior patterns.


A key component of Pacific Life Program therapeutic approach is the intimate involvement of the family. Every week the student and psychologist sit together for a videoconference with parents. Communicating, negotiating, listening, and boundary-setting are primary topics, and the once-resistant teen, who believed that parents were the problem begin to see their loved ones as part of the solution. Much healing and growth occurs during these Skype sessions, including restoration of the friendships between brothers and sisters.

All students will likewise participate in group therapy daily and our ongoing series of Life Skills educational groups. In the group setting students have the benefit of hearing peers share similar or different situations, working on common goals in the program, and challenging one another toward growth. In Life Skills, students are taught -- and free to discuss -- those abilities and situations that form them into young adults.

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Student Testimonial

A Day In PLP

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