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Pacific Life Teen Program
What Sets Pacific Life Program from Others


At PLP we know that the greatest asset to children's lives is the family. Families may be split by divorce or re-marriage, or in a single-parent dynamic. In any case we are very different from other schools in that we immediately involve the parents and other family members through counseling, correspondence, and visitations.

We do this because teens come to PLP believing that their parents have the problems, not them. We work to re-align the teen's beliefs so s/he understands that parents are actually part of the solution.

Individualized Attention

Because we house a maximum of 50 teens, each student will receive more personalized academic and therapeutic support. Although our program has strong components of structure and guidance, each teen is treated as a unique person. Pacific Life Program does not believe in collective punishment as a reaction to negative behavior; rather, we use such instances as opportunities for self-awareness and change.

Positive Discipline Structured Environment

At Pacific Life Program, parents can rest assured that teens cannot sign themselves out or otherwise leave our campus prior to graduation (or parents' authorization). Our program provides an opportunity to decrease the stress caused by these problems, so that teens become accountable for their actions. PLP students work daily on their core issues without external influences, because they follow a highly structured and tailored program to keep productive and focused throughout their stay. This empowers parents to regain leadership, restoring the family's balance and harmony.

Professional Staff

Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals in the educational and therapeutic fields. We have come together to make Pacific Life Program the best experience possible for parents and teens alike. Pacific Life staff undergo First Aid and CPR training and background checks, and include certified Water Safety Instructors (WSIs).

  • Credentialed Teachers & Tutors
  • Psychologists, Therapists & Counselors
  • Registered Nutritionist
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Equine Therapist
  • Security staff
  • Art Therapist

Personalized Academics

Our academic program allows for teens who are behind or struggling with their schooling to catch up and develop a sense of accomplishment; our high standards offer the chance for students to raise GPAs, and for teens who are doing well in school, they have the opportunity to graduate earlier and pursue college and university acceptance. Read More

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Parent Testimonial

A Day In PLP

It’s a Tuesday morning at Pacific Life Program and Brooke wakes up at 7:50 am. She makes her bed and gets ready for her day; she puts on her sports gear and heads out to breakfast. Brooke has a Denver Omelet, with two pieces of toast and a glass of milk...

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