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and Behavioral Program

We are partnered with Forest Trail Academy, which is a Nationally Accredited school system. Your son/daughter will benefit from one-on-one educational support, and our students are engaged in studies for approximately 30 hours a week. The school day is broken up into manageable time segments, with breaks and activities, so students have the advantage of better focus and motivation.


  1. Catch up Or re-take failed courses
  2. 80% or higher required to pass a course
  3. Opportunity to graduate earlier compared to public school
  4. Personalized academic curriculum
  5. Excellent solution for students with ADHD / IEPs
  6. College-Oriented
  7. Nationally accredited
  8. Parents can monitor daily progress online


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therapeutic boarding schools near me in California, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Montana, East Coast

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Near Me

We Offer

  • Academic Services
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Life Skills & Vocational Training
  • Nutritional Support & Fitness
  • Holistic Activities

A Day at PLP

My name is Emma, and I am a student at Pacific Life Program, more commonly known as PLP. I wake up at 7 in the morning on weekdays and at 7:30 on weekends. I am usually ready within 15 minutes, so before...


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