Therapeutic Approach

Most students avoid therapies. On many occasions and repeatedly, threats, corrections or bribes are needed for them to enter the therapist’s space. Once inside and in the session, they rarely commit and perform significant work. For a therapy to have an effect on the student, he or she must be prepared mentally, emotionally and willingly to receive therapy. If the student performs the therapy in a forced manner, there will be no effect and the opposite will happen. In Pacific Life Teen Program we have an unparalleled and effective therapeutic model to address all these problems.
Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Residential Therapeutic Boarding School

We believe that for the student to have a solid, stable and close relationship with their therapist. Our therapists seek and dedicate quality time. Through this quality time, we learn to get to know our students in more depth to the media to the media to the media. With the passage of time and closer relationships. In the Pacific Life program for teenagers, your daughter or daughter forms a sincere and trusting relationship with her therapist.

residential therapeutic boarding schools Pacific Life Program is a all inclusive therapeutic boarding school with a full suite of therapies aim to help your son or daughter regain balance and harmony in their lives.

We Offer

  • Academic Services
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Life Skills & Vocational Training
  • Nutritional Support & Fitness
  • Holistic Activities

A Day at PLP

My name is Emma, and I am a student at Pacific Life Program, more commonly known as PLP. I wake up at 7 in the morning on weekdays and at 7:30 on weekends. I am usually ready within 15 minutes, so before...


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