What do you do when your teenager is out of control?

What Do You Do When Your Teenager Is Out Of Control?

If you and your family are struggling with an out of control teenager, the first step to a healthy relationship and healing is to understand the problem. Unruly and out of control teenagers often have underlying issues that they may not even be aware of. You may be wondering, “My child is out of control, what can I do?”

Know that you are not alone, and thousands of parents are facing this every day. Parents can often feel hopeless and powerless, but there is hope for both families and teens.

Anxiety, defiance, and depression can be contributing factors to your teenager acting out. Often, these behaviors are the result of a particular trauma or unresolved negative stimulus. A mental health professional is the best person to identify this negative stimulus and dissolve it from your teen’s life. This will make your teen feel happier and healthier, bettering his/her life and the family dynamic.

How To Regain Control Of Your Teenager

Once you recognize there is a problem, the first step is to act. You do not want to delay seeking help for your teen. heir out of control behavior can be boiled down to a variety of different behavior disorders. The longer that these disorders are left untreated, the worse they can become over time. Seek treatment immediately after you notice any unusual behaviors, which may include:

  • Repeated aggressive behaviors
  • Refusal to complete school work
  • Lack of remorse or recognition of poor behavior
  • Self-harm
  • Severing important relationships
  • Abandoning hobbies or favorite sports
  • Criminal activity

Your out of control teenager desperately needs your help, otherwise, all areas of life will suffer. The disorder will make it hard for your teen not only to operate within the school system but also to function in everyday life. This can affect opportunities as the teen gets older because s/he is not reaching full potential due to the underlying disorder.

Teenage Behavior Management Strategies

While you seek treatment, there are steps you can take while you are with your teen to help your teen adjust to the new processes s/he may face. These strategies will help minimize tension between teens and parents, keeping the support system strong, while also making sure they are trying their best to manage their emotions. All of these strategies will also be used professionally, which will be more effective.

  • Establish clear boundaries

This may seem counterproductive because your teen will seem to rebel against those boundaries constantly. However, having the boundaries stated and reinforcing them will show the teen that s/he is cared for. Back up your boundaries by emphasizing respect. Allow the teen certain privileges when they show respect.

  • Handle with care

When the teen acts out in a mild way, provide the teen with a chance to make it right. Do not immediately reprimand him/her, but instead show empathy.

The best thing you or a loved one could do for an out of control teenager is give the teen an opportunity to receive professional help. Without it, the situation will almost certainly get worse, and can come with dire consequences.

Where Can I Send My Out Of Control Teenager?

Thankfully, there are options. There are many different options for teens and their families to help them on the road to recovery.

Pacific Life Teen Program offers solutions for teens and their families to put teens on the right path by providing them with a therapeutic experience in a safe and engaging environment. PLP allows teens to continue academically while also receiving therapy to help manage their emotions and get to the root of their problems. They will meet and interact with adult professionals, and with teens experiencing what they are going through, so they will never feel alone. PLP even offers family counseling services so all parties are part of the solution. This will strengthen the bond between you and your teen as they receive life-changing treatment.


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